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Cancer Donations for Patients in Need | Giving Comfort

Why it matters

Donate to Cancer: Where it Helps: Giving Comfort

The need is great. That's why tens of thousands of people like you have donated Comfort Kits to cancer patients across the U.S.

Words of Comfort

Send a message to a cancer patient!

Through Giving Comfort’s new Words of Comfort campaign, your message of friendship, hope, survival, and strength will reach patients and let them know they aren’t alone. Find out more >

Donate to Cancer: Where it Helps: Giving Comfort

Where do Comfort Kits help?

Our nationwide network of Distribution Partners gives the kits you fund directly to patients who really need them. Find out more >


Cancer Heroes

Vanessa shares lessons from having gone through treatment for cancer, including the value of comfort to healing. Learn more >

Giving Comfort, a program of the McKesson Foundation, provides cancer patients with the comfort items they need during treatment.

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